Art Festivals

Mumbai and India Art fair in Delhi. Apart from this, there are other fairs happening in other cities and countries. Artists, galleries, buyers and art patrons all come together in an art festival and showcase their offerings. This is a combination of exhibitions and curated conversations or panel discussions on art topics. A few months before this festival season begins, the artists start preparing for it.They start conversations with galleries and art festival offices about buying wall space or booths for exhibiting their work. They start contemplating what they would paint and accordingly go about buying new art supplies. India Art Festival 2016 just got over in the month of October in Mumbai and is gearing up for its Delhi version in January. It is a festival that artists and buyers wait for eagerly, as it showcases the best art from India and other participating countries. I have been participating in India Art Festival for the past 3 years through Galerie Art Eterne and it has been a very fulfilling and professional experience for me. The gallery is one of the most important piece in the supply chain of art and I have been lucky in this regard! Looking forward to the next art festival! Kasturi Borkotoki Artist Mumbai